Henriedda Crafters is a family owned and operated shop that specializes in creating the most beautiful (and practical) homes for the birds.

Located near Lover's Leap in Stuart, Virginia, we have locally become known as Lover's Leap birdhouses.

For over 15 years we've worked to perfect our designs and we now we proudly offer them online.

We are committed to the health and happiness of our feathered friends and as such we never use pressure treated wood or oil-based paints.

Exterior Latex House paint is used instead and so our houses will not harm the birds and yet will still stand up to the weather!

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7 days a week from 8-5. But sometimes we will need to close to run errands or in case of doctor appointments.

If you are coming a long way then Please call or email us to make sure we are open before you come.
When to stop feeding birds.
You don't have to stop. Last week someone brought back a bag of birdseed he had bought because he read somewhere that you should stop feeding birds after August. Absurd.

Fall is a time of bounty in the wild and you may see less birds than you normally do because there are so many choices, but they will come back. September is migration month and that's a time of wonder. Active feeders will draw visting birds and give you the chance to see some rare species that would pass by unseen otherwise.

We have American Goldfinches year-round, but even ours disappear for about 2 weeks when the thistle seeds are ready. Be patient, they will be back and feeding the birds (even in summer) helps more survive and thrive.

25lb Black Oil Seed is on sale! $11.00 a bag!