For years, Henry and Edna Mickles have been providing a better place for the birds to live. Originally from the coalfields of Virginia, they carry the memories of what it is like to grow up in rural Appalachia. Always a pair of rolling stones gathering no moss, Henry and Edna have lived in many different parts of Virginia while raising four children to adulthood. Never having lived in one spot for long, it seems quite unusual for them to have stayed at Lovers Leap in Meadows of Dan, Virginia for so many years.

With such peaceful and scenic surroundings, it's hard not to feel at home there. The years seem to slip away faster than ever, but not without Henry and Edna being able to develop quite a name for themselves as makers of fine quality birdhouses. Well over 30,000 birdhouses have been crafted right there in their small mountain shop. Drawing on a lifetime of working construction and painting houses, Henry Mickles knows how to make a birdhouse that can withstand the elements. Edna has been an artist from time she was old enough to write, and any birdhouse she touches with a brush becomes a one of kind piece of art destined to be cherished by its owner. Of course, she is way too modest to think that, but time and again, satisfied customers send their family and friends to Lovers Leap Birdhouses so that they too can own a high quality birdhouse decorated with brillant hand-painted artwork.

Can there be any greater example of God's love of beauty and poetry than the colorful plume and melodic song of a little bird? Surely we can take a few moments to provide a safe little place for them to stay while they bring joy and beauty to the world around us.

Perhaps one reason that the team of Henry and Edna has stopped gallivanting around to see the world is that the world has come to see them. It did not take long for them to find that on any given day they might meet someone from the farthest reaches of the globe. They have had customers from all 50 states and 26 different countries pass through their little shop. After a while, you have to ask yourself whether at one time or another everyone passes by that beautiful little spot along the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are proud to say that they have birdhouses as close as down the road and as far away as Japan and Kenya.

Nestled along the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, their little shop sits at Lovers Leap which is almost within spittin' distance of Meadows of Dan, Virginia and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

There is quite a bit of wildlife in the area, and it is not unusual for bobcat, fox, coyote, or even black bear pay a visit to their backyard. When it comes to damaging bird feeders, a squirrel can't hold a candle to a black bear.

There are many great things to see and experience along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Henry and Edna would be delighted if you dropped by to visit their birdhouse store. Chances are you will be delighted with what you find, and maybe you too will be one of their many satisfied customers.

Poke around their web site all you want and take a look at some of their current birdhouse designs. They obviously take birdhouses very seriously, so their products are constantly being refined to meet the needs of their feathered occupants.