Why didn't any birds nest in my bird house?
There are many reasons that a house might not draw birds to it and there are several things you can try help encourage them. Sometimes it just takes a while for birds to get used to the house and to trust it. But other things can be affecting the bird’s behavior.
Can any kind of feeder be seen from the opening of the house? This is a problem for some species of birds. Just reposition the house until it is no longer facing a feeder.

Is there anything in the area around the house that birds might consider threatening? Putting the house up next to a dog house might not be a good idea. Or where there's heavy foot traffic. 

Is the house securely fastened? If it's hanging on a tree limb then make sure that the house is wired tightly to the branch and does not move independently. It should move only when the branch moves and in the same direction. If the house is swinging wildly it may not appeal to a possible tenant.

Has something else taken up residence? Carefully shine a light into the box and see if something other than birds has moved in. Henry has opened houses brought back for cleaning and found entire families of mice!
We hope this helps and if it doesn't then please email us and we'll try and help you figure out what's happening. Every yard is different and it might be something we've never encountered before.