Frequently Asked Questions
What are your houses made of?

The Birdhouse Man only uses quality lumber for his birdhouses. Most of the birdhouses are made of #2 pine, but on occasion the Birdhouse Man acquires some other types of wood like fir or even black walnut. The Birdhouse Man is always looking for a deal on quality lumber.

All of the finished houses are done in high quality exterior grade latex house paint. The Birdhouse Man painted human houses for many, many years, and he knows good paint when he sees it.  Chances are that your new birdhouse will have a better coating than most of the people houses on your street.

Any artwork you see on the houses is done with Benjamin Moore Paints and holds up exceptionally well in the weather. We have seen several of these birdhouses neglected for several years and the artwork still looked vibrant and compelling.
Aren't you worried about the Bird Flu?

You city folk need to stop watching so much 24-hour news. Every twelve minutes someone dies in a car accident in the United States, and you're worried about a sick duck halfway around the world? I'd suggest paying more attention to that Buick in front of you instead.
Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do accept credit cards in our store. Visa, Mastercard & Discover However all online transactions are handled through Paypal.
Where is that birdhouse I saw in here yesterday (last week, last month, last year) with the green roof?

It's gone. You should have bought it yesterday! We always have several birdhouses available for sale, but if you have a particular design or color in mind after looking at our web site, you should call ahead so we can make sure it will be ready when you come or order it online.
My uncle (cousin, neighbor, barber, etc.) is an expert on birds, and he says birds won't use a painted birdhouse.

Birds will absolutely use a painted birdhouse. Many times in this world, a piece of useful information gets twisted around until it becomes something entirely different than the source intended. There are some important guidelines to follow when painting a birdhouse.

First, do not use oil-based paints or stains as these are unhealthy for the birds. Only use water-based paints and stains like latex and acrylic. Never, ever use pressure treated lumber to make a birdhouse. If you follow these guidelines and the birds are still avoiding your birdhouse, there is something else causing the problem.

Where are the antiques; birdhouses can't be all you sell?

Besides us, there are no antiques in our store. Our little shop has a huge sign on top saying Lovers Leap Birdhouses, and a little sign at the entrance saying "No Antiques." Amazingly, at least once a week someone will enter the shop, walk by shelves overflowing with over 300 birdhouses, and ask where our antiques are.
Everyone tells me I need to use thistle seed to attract Goldfinches. Is that true?

No. We exclusively use black oil sunflower seed in our feeders, and we often have as many as 50 Goldfinches at a time. Using black oil sunflower seed is cheaper than thistle and attracts a much wider assortment of birds. At Lovers Leap Birdhouses we sell many different types of bird food including thistle seed, but our experience has been that black oil sunflower seed is the most effective.